Monday, November 29, 2010

Sometimes, crazy things happen.

We live in an old, old house. 

Built without modern tools or equipment, by the hands of the man who would live there with his wife and children. 

I sometimes wonder if he ever imagined that a hundred years would pass and his offspring would be living here, keeping traditions in the home that he built from the timber that he cut on the place.

And many changes have happened to this house over the years.

Much living goes on here and has for more than a century.

Fairly recently , in the life of the house, a ceiling board in the living room 'popped' loose.

Possibly because a rowdy teenager lives overhead with much electronic equipment,,,

possibly because the rowdy teenager 'overcooled' his room with an improperly installed window unit last summer and condensation water ran down the wall and along the ceiling in the room below (that would be my living room).

But most likely, the board popped loose because it's a 'way over a hundred' year old house that still comforts and covers a living, breathing family... that we all come home to when we can...and that the board simply got exhausted during it's extended time of hanging out.


the board came loose and hung around a while, until the "man who fixes things here" got his hammer, his ladder and his other fix-it stuff the day before Thanksgiving and set about to put the board in it's proper place.

Before doing so, the man broke out the vacuum cleaner and sucked out a bit more than 100 years of accumulated dust and dirt...

and this...

It is a seed packet.... an onion seed packet.

Dated 1895 and Labeled Onions- Eight best varieties.

It contains 4 seed...

and you know what comes next...

a science/gardening experiment in the spring, to determine if seed that is over a hundred years old will germinate and grow...

Talk about heirloom seed!

We shall see.


  1. I love this post! I live in a house that was built in 1850 and as we have been taking down ceilings and walls to insulate, we have found much stuff in the ceilings. No seed packets though. What a great find! We found a 1850 penny though, and I call it my lucky penny as it was found in the dirt below our house. So maybe he was building the house and lost it then. Can't wait to see if your onion seeds grow!

  2. Oh my word! That is So awesome. Keep us posted with the results next spring, please:)