Sunday, November 21, 2010

Really Good Cheesecake

Most holidays and many special events and some ordinary days merit the addition of the Really Good Cheesecake.  It's been a part of my repertoire for more than 25 years.  It's as plain as can be, but oh, so good and really needs to be made a day or two in advance of your wanting to serve it!

Every kitchen needs more than one springform pan.  You need at least two, so that you can make one of these to take somewhere, while you also have one in the fridge for yourself.

This is one recipe where I do cut calories and fat. 
This cheesecake is still awesome when made with  Neufchatel cheese, which is 25% lighter and the lower fat sour cream.

I do find that this cheesecake is universally appreciated for all of those situations where you need to take food, illness and injury of friends and loved ones, covered dish dinners and funerals... simply put, everyone will think you're a wonderful cook, for very little effort!


This recipe is self explanatory...

Really Good Cheesecake

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