Wednesday, November 3, 2010


 This weekend was sort of a strange weekend. Strange in that it wasn't actually a weekend, but an improvised weekend made up of a Monday and a Tuesday.  School was out on Monday and Tuesday, due to furloughs and elections, so I piled some folks into the van for an assault on sand and sun and rest.

Sometimes, it's just necessary.

Some days, I simply need vast expanses of the blues and browns that are the coast.

Sometimes, I need to sit and watch the trawlers go by,

 ... and the bottlenose dolphin feed in the shallows...

or watch a crab crawl along...

or sit and knit.

It was as this point, after a couple of hours of sitting and knitting and breathing deeply that I realized that ironically, I had fit perfectly into my environment.  Sandy feet... faded, soft and worn old blue jeans and a heathered blue yarn, with a pleasantly challenging pattern on the needles ... it was perfectly unintentional but made me smile.

Not the blues of sadness, but the blues of calm and rest and realization of where you fit in the world.... your sitting in the vastness, while the tide comes in and out.

To breathe in and out, while the tide goes in and out.

A quick sidetrip to the 'next over' island, to show a friend the lighthouse, on a clear beautiful day was a bonus.

 Another awesome blessing is to be able to enjoy heading to the top of the lighthouse 12 weeks after major surgery.  Living proof that being tough is a good, good thing!


  1. What a beautiful post! I am your newest follower coming from Homesteading Today.