Wednesday, August 26, 2009

" Miss Pearl's cake"

Oh, my goodness... Miss Pearl sent a cake...

My children have been known to drive home from points south and north of here when they knew the cake was in the house. My brother in law just magically knows that it's time to visit.
And all kinds of people make their way out of bed, from all ends of the house, in the middle of the night to make certain that they're getting their fair share of the goodness.

Folks, I bake... and am not a slouch in that department, but my friend, Miss Pearl, takes the prize with this cake. Many, many tiny layers, each baked individually, layered with homemade fudgey, wonderfully chocolatey... well... fudge... is too amazing.

She makes it a traveling 'tent' with toothpicks and marshmallows and plastic wrap, so that none of the beautifully swirled chocolate gets stuck to anything.

To properly appreciate this cake, you need to have a couple of gallons of ice cold milk in the fridge, at the ready. And it really, really will call your name from the cake stand on the table.
And the true prize is the 'edge' piece with all the fudgey frosting.

It is highly unfortunate (or very fortunate, depending on the point of view) that I am home ALONE right now with this cake.

tehehehe.... goodbye...



" A garden of friends is always in bloom."

For the last few months, we've had little time to stop and smell the roses...

And while I try hard to always say the things that are in my heart, there comes a time when there is an outpouring of love and thoughtfulness that just takes your breath away.

For everyone who said a prayer, sent a card, brought food, sent flowers or simply came and sat a while, a heartfelt thank you. For every call to check on us, for every offer of help we are truly, deeply grateful. For considerations of work missed and absence from school and church engagements, for folks who picked up our portion of the task and took care of it, we are thankful. For our church family and faithful friends, who encircled us with loving prayers and who offered us your shoulders when our own were not strong enough, we feel truly, truly blessed.

Monday, August 24, 2009

My thoughts on the matter...

On Monday evening, last week, my father in law passed from this world, flanked by his two sons and surrounded by the loving concern of his family, church family and friends. He fought a courageous battle with multiple myeloma.

During the battle, we saw the strength of character of an amazing man.

We saw strength of character in ourselves.

We saw strength in the nurses and doctors who cared for him,
and in his minister,who was his friend.

We shall miss him, more than words could ever say.
I am proud to have known him and been his daughter in law for these many years.
I see him in my husband and his brother
and in my three precious children.

The love that was the man lives on.

Into life Eternal...

Jerry Thomas Weaver

Deuteronomy 28:6 "Blessed shall you be when you come in, and blessed shall you be when you go out.