Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pumpkin Pie - Sweet Potato Pie

You must have pie...

you must.

and though I have tried many variations of pumpkin pie, from complex to very old fashioned,
this one is my favorite, both in taste and texture and in ease of prep.

Some of us prefer sweet potato pie.... some of us love pumpkin pie.

This recipe works for both (another reason why I love the recipe!)

For either recipe, you may prepare the fruits or vegetables from scratch.  Baked pumpkin or sweet potato yields a nice texture for the pie.  Both items may be boiled as well, resulting in a soupier base.

The best case scenario is a homemade pie crust.  They take a bit of practice to get right and once you're good at it, you'll find it no trouble at all.  When time permits there will be a recipe and thoughts on pie crusts forthcoming.

A prepared crust will work.  When I need to use a purchased pie crust, I usually opt for the 'rolled' kind in the refrigerated section of the grocers, instead of the frozen kind, but either one will work.  When purchasing the frozen sort, I get the deep dish size... as I don't like pie fillings burning on the bottom of my oven.

Without further ado, you will find the printable recipe here:

Pumpkin - Sweet Potato Pie

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