Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wow!  A bumper crop of muscadines or wild grapes, volunteers that have taken the job of shading the chicken coops.
The payoff after a cold hard winter and an exceptionally pollinated spring!

And yes, there's a grassy straggler... it's far too wet just this moment to do anything about it, except admire the beans, which are still wearing their dicotyledons.

And far too often, I forget to grab a basket

(note that I have grabbed a camera... not a basket~!)

I default to the standard farm woman solution.

In the rush of banquets,moving, graduating, and weddings, some things remain the steadying force.

The sun comes up on new surprises each morning...

and you have to get in the eggs.

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  1. I went back and read lots of your blog posts. I admire you and your family taking on a new dog. Oh if I could get my hands on people who dump animals. Our Munsterlander dog is a rescue that we adopted from the Humane Society about 60 miles away. He was found in Jan. sleeping in a snowbank...weighed about 35lbs and now he is 63- where he should be...and we have had him for 4 years. I put pics of our dogs and cats on my blog. Please keep us posted on Nick.