Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dr. Dr...

Yesterday, my daughter and 75 of her classmates of the past 4 years received their MD degrees.

We, her family, are proud of her accomplishment.  These many years of education have taken a lot of stamina on her part, patience, self control and delayed gratification.  It has taken courage in the face of things that would make many of us weak-kneed and more hours and days and nights of sheer intestinal fortitude than most folks could pull together.

As she starts her medical career, her mother will pray daily for the same things that I've prayed for years now.
May she continue to walk the path of God's will in her life... may she find strength for all of life's challenges...may she be a blessing to others and they to her...  May God continue to guide her as she moves out into the world to be a physician and give her wisdom to be a healer and wise counsel to her patients and their families.  May she continue to learn daily and may she always live in the grace and goodness of a child of God.

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