Friday, May 7, 2010

Home again...

Wednesday evening, I followed my boy home...

...out of the city... country bound.

There's never so good a feeling as knowing that this child is here to stay a while.

He loves the city and loves school and does an outstanding job at being independent,
but for the first time in over two years, he'll be home for a stretch.

The act of getting him packed, down three flights of steps and packed into two vehicles requires stamina.
When we first began this education journey, many hands made light work...
...and I was much younger.

This is likely the last time that I'll move this son from a college dorm.  He has an apartment in the fall.

At the end of the packing venture, when we've managed, again, to successfully evade the university security during our 'park here, run and cram things in the vehicle, move this van for that car and cram it full" moment, we were tired and hot and hungry.  I asked him which restaurant he would miss most while he was home and we went there.

Blue Cactus, is a tiny little,' you'd never find it if someone didn't show you where it was' place... a few tables, three people cooking where you could see them... a blend of Korean and Mexican menus.  As I sat across from my handsome son, and we discussed his year, his friends, his plans for the future, they brought us some amazing food.  I can see why he loves it so, they know him there, which pleases me greatly... that in a large and impersonal city, he brings a smile to the faces of folks in his favorite restaurant. 

Of course, he's mine... I understand why they smile.  His easy going way, his impeccable manners,,,
what's not to love?  Being engulfed in his arms, while he's still sleepy and warm the first morning home is a singularly amazing moment.  I am blessed by his love and affection and even 21 years after I became his mother, I'm stunned by the fact that he's mine.

The boxes are not unpacked...they're everywhere... but I'm so very glad he's home.

Welcome home, son... welcome home!

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