Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bridal portraits

These certainly could not be posted till now... as we believe in that traditional notion that the groom must not see the bride in her wedding gown until the wedding.

And here is our professional photographer at work... Anna Wilson of Greenville, SC

And here is a good friend!  This young woman is a doctor, no less, who waded the creek to remove a shoe from the line of shot!  Thanks, Tiffany!


  1. Beautiful bride to be.

  2. You have the most beautiful daughter and handsome son in law. Wonderful friends and a beautiful location. But, what shines out more than anything from your posts is the love that you all have for each other and for God.

    It shows beyond words that you have raised your children the right way.

    Your blog, your words about your home and your life, touch my heart deeply.


  3. What a beautiful bride!! I hope that day was perfect for her, and the first of many. Ya done great, Mom. And you made a special day even moreso ... by being there for her, not just for her wedding (and all THAT entails...) but for ALL the special days in her life. That foundation, of SHOWING unconditional love, has culminated in a loving and loveLY young woman. Congratulations on a wonderful start of a long & happy life together!! The beginning.....

  4. So very beautiful, the bride, the location, the love of God and nature. All blend to make such a wonderful gift you are sharing with each of us.

  5. Dawn, it was so wonderful to hear the story of how your family raised you and lived such an exemplary life. Your daughter is beautiful and I am sure she has the same heart of gold that you have. I wish you all much health and joy through the years. Love, Aileen