Saturday, May 8, 2010


A fun and lighthearted moment at the medical school graduation is the giving of a special degree to the parents and spouses of the new doctors.  Her first signature with the M.D. behind it was on a certificate that confers to her parents a Ph.T. degree... "Putting her Through"...

We shall frame it and hang it proudly!

It reads:

The School of Medicine certifies that Dawn and Thomas

having successfully persevered for many months

despite the necessity of encouraging and supporting a daughter

the endless unintelligible conversations of professional jargon,

the excuses, the blame placed on the

imaginary injustice of the professors,

the long hours of all night call, the periodic anxiety of waiting for grades,

and the multiplicity of general hardships

which become the lot of a student's parent

is hereby awarded this degree of



  1. Congrats !!! to you ! and Your Daughter !!!..
    How nice !!..I hope she can stay close to you !!
    Be sure and keep us posted !!
    Hugs to you.

  2. Her residency is about an hour from here, in the city where her new husband is employed and owns a home! We are grateful!