Thursday, April 29, 2010

losing it...

Undoubtedly, I am losing it... :roll: :shock: :wink: :o

This morning, I'm sitting at work, getting on with the morning reports,and two of the three men that I work with come running,,, RUNNING, up onto the porch and into the visitor's center. Where they stop and look at me rather oddly...

"What are you doing?" they say "And where are the cookies?"

"Cookies?" I say.... I think ..." Oh, no... I've forgotten to bring cookies."

"Yes", they say, all but tail-wagging in anticipation... "the cookies , and why are you in uniform?"

It seems that today was my day off ...

and apparently, on my day off, if my car shows up at the state park, it means that I've come to bring cookies...

and apparently, the first one that gets to me, gets the cookies.

Note to self: make cookies more often and divide them onto 3 plates...put names on plates, so that there is no competition for cookies AND check the calendar every day BEFORE getting dressed and heading to work.

For goodness sakes, I'm losing it, right here before the wedding...

so I'm home again, making cookies. :mrgreen:


  1. Bring cookies this weekend! ~e

  2. So GLAD to see you again, saw your post on fabricaholics. Tried to sign in the follower thing but after filling it all out one of the follow up pages didn't work. Will try again later. BIG HUGS.