Thursday, April 29, 2010

Notes on a morning...

Every morning, EVERY morning, begins the same.

When feet hit floor, you make some coffee... you drink some coffee, you stay just outside of the circular 'rush', unless you're part of the circular rush.

"Yes, dear... here's your lunch money... did you eat something?... What do you have after school today?"

Yes, the boy is driving himself now... so the circular rush has a new feel to it, shift and adjust, giving space to grow and become independent in ever increasing steps.  Necessitates my getting more input in the morning, so as to remain calm during these preliminary driving days.

Then, he's off and it's time to feed up and then get myself on the move, and headed in the direction of the park.

I grab the bucket containing 'chicken' treats... bits and pieces of last nights meal that are sure-fire chicken pleasers... some left over rice, the carrots ends and peels, some' past it's prime' spinach and three bruised apples.  Hit the porch, which contains the laundry room and the feed room... Strange how at different times in the life of a house and family, different rooms play different roles.  Long before I lived here as a mother and wife, I studied on this warm and sunny porch, during high school and college, it was a place for me to hide away.  It's also a place that periodically shelters the babies of the farm... the incubator, the chicken brooder, the seedlings under lights, currently home to three kittens and their mom...

Anyway, getting sidetracked here... there in the door,,, boxer bulldog face, with outrageously wiggling body... Oh, to have any creature be so delighted to see you each and every moment is such joy.  Just behind him, Nana, sedate and peaceful, but no less happy to see me.  Bet they want food!~

Feed the dogs, feed the three outdoor cats, who come from barns and outbuildings as they hear the dogfood hit the pans.  Grab the chicken feed and the bucket and feed the fluffy birds.

Man, we're in full egg production mode now, and also that time of year when I must check the nests BEFORE sticking my hands in there to avoid the revolting surprise of pulling out a snake.  Last year, they got a jump on me and surprised me TWICE before I got up to speed, but this year, I'm ready...

The garden begins to look like a promise... Tomatoes, not yet staked, but firmly growing... bunches of peppers... Have I said how much I like peppers? ... lots and lots of peppers, of all different kinds, just waiting to add variety to our dinner.  I'll admit to going to the garden yesterday evening, with the desperate hope that some plant had a premature pepper... how we miss the freshness that a pepper tossed into any dish can bring... not long now, the baby peppers are TINY, but there.  Beans are up, Hubby keeps mentioning squash, but for the life of me, I've not noticed them yet.  They, too, add so much to the table at this place.

It's cold this morning, though I'm wearing flannel,,, yes, I broke the flannel back out last night.  My hard plastic garden clogs feel frozen and before I'm done my hands hurt with the cold start of the day.
The chickens are happy with the contents of the bucket... like a chicken rodeo when you toss out their favorites... one fluffy girl picks up a carrot peel and takes off, with everyone else in hot pursuit... the smart ones notice that there are plenty to go around.

Note that the coops need some work, and the composted soil needs removing before an intensive round of deep liter composting starts up again.  Not time enough, right now... but soon... mentally move that up on the list of things to do.

I realize that I need to get in the annual herbs, now... they, too add so much to the table here.  Late season starts are better than none,,, another mental note.

On the little deck, the 'working' deck, sits Nana... patiently waiting, good as gold, waiting for me to head her way and when I do, her left paw will go up in an anticipated greeting... "shake my paw" thank you for my food, slow down enough to scratch her back and get leaned on and licked.

In, quickly to shower and change, grab lunch and the list of things to do after work,,,
mental note to start a bit earlier tomorrow so that there's' more time to take it in.
I love mornings...

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