Tuesday, January 6, 2009

There are some days that words don't come easily... or at least not the type that would be of interest. Though some days, there is interest in the ordinary...

These are ferns growing wild in the woods behind the house. I came upon them on New Year's Day, when the hubby and I went wandering.
January ferns

The Late in the Evening, Getting Ready for Tomorrow
Very Ordinary List of Things to Do

Mail stuff.

Block New Knitting.

Wash knitted hat for kid returning to college (to prevent a felting episode with his favorite hat)

Laundry... laundry....laundry....

Clean the kitchen, AGAIN.

Pack a bag for work tomorrow.

Pack lunch for tomorrow. Fill and freeze water bottle.

Finish corralling the holiday wrap and bow materials and return them to their closet.

Update the calendar.


Make phone calls.

Organize the desk. Again.

And on that note... it's time for bed... will leave the list, and it's expectations and get some rest.
Tomorrow is another day, full of possibilities.

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