Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Silent, still and very light...

Awakening this morning was sort of dreamy. The bed was nice and warm and there were the sounds of the hubby making coffee. The light from the window was so luminescent and the place seemed so quiet and hushed.

This was why.


While it was really only a dusting, and nothing to get excited about compared to the snow that much of the country deals with for months in the winter, it's quite a novelty here!
We can go several years without seeing snow and we can get powerfully excited when we do have some. Naturally, since we don't have a lot of experience with snow and ice, we don't drive well in it. But today was a nice day for tucking into a favorite chair with a blanket, a good magazine and settling in to watch the inauguration of the new President~!

Rather enjoyed the perspective of the young pup too, who was perplexed by the cold white powder!


The snow passed off by mid afternoon, leaving us crispy cold and moistened, but refreshed.


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