Friday, January 9, 2009

Meeting the challenges

Sometimes, the frustrations of life go from bad to worse... and even when I like to just sit down and have a pity party, I do realize that many others have it much worse. Life has taught me to slow it down, try to balance, and keep moving forward a step at a time... which is what I'm doing this week, apparently.

Strange, strange week.

I've had issues at work. I work part time, doing long term substitutions at a high school. I normally do not have any problems with discipline or behavior and I adore the teenage years... the kids this age are so very much about to burst with who they are becoming. Lovely, lovely time of life... anyway, the story of what or why is too long to go into, but I've chosen not to complete a sub slot due to very unacceptable behavior on the part of a very large class. They simply need a bouncer, or a police person. The administration is understanding and good to work for.

Still looking for the keys... sigh...

I currently drive a van. A large, white custom full sized van. It's a holdover from the 'mom of three' days. Right before the holidays, the transmission went out. Simply quit, while running down the road, on the way to take one of the kids to the Opthomologist. So, off for a new one, transmission, that is. While it might be time to downsize, you simply can't trade in a vehicle that will not run. Anyway, I picked it up Wednesday afternoon late. And this morning the new transmission went out.
I'm becoming far too acquainted with the rollback guy! Luckily, the new transmission is warranted.

The chicken pen door keeps popping open and the chickens keep popping out and the dog thinks that they're chewable feather dusters. So far, no casualties. I've gotta get the door fixed.

Enough already... I'm done whining... I promise!

Alas, tomorrow is a full moon!?!

Just shoot me now!

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