Saturday, January 3, 2009


As a followup to yesterday's post, and as the timing was ironic, when I finished posting last evening, I joined my youngest in front of the fire. After the usual greeting,,, "I'm HUNGRY!", he decided that it would be nice to make some doughboys. After grabbing a coat and some clippers, he headed out with a flashlight into the night to retrieve the essential tool.. a one inch, or so, diameter green stick. He skinned the bark from the branch on about the last 6 inches or so. He retrieved some leftover beignet dough from the fridge. (Doughboys are usually made around campfires with canned biscuit or crescent roll dough, but we're big believers in making do with what you have.)
He flattened a portion of dough and formed it around the skinned end of the branch then cooked it over the fire. Now, truth be told, the first one was very, very, very well done and in true manly-man fashion he ate every bite of it. I'd go so far as to say that it was crunchy burnt, but hey... that's just me.
When the doughboy slips from the branch easily it's done. If it's still pretty stuck, it's not done on the inside. When it does slip, it's time to poke a little butter down in the 'cup' that it's made, and then a little strawberry jam. Or maybe a lot of strawberry jam, in the case of this boy. The second one he made was beautifully golden and perfectly done. He went to the kitchen and prepped it 'butter and jam' style, wrapped it in a napkin and brought it to his mama... ahhh, what a good boy he is! I believe that he fixed two more for himself. At no time during this did I disturb myself from my chair or my knitting to assist him. He's quite adept and a handy little guy to have around. In fairness, I did remind him to put away the dough.

We learned that beignet dough has an additional very good use as doughboy dough, in fact, maybe even good enough to make it up for that use exclusively. It would certainly be cost effective, compared to a several cans of storebought dough, which are chock full of preservatives.

It was a nice late night treat, made there in the near darkness by the fire.

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