Friday, May 6, 2011


So, I go into the chicken pen to feed up and collect the eggs... I toss out some lettuce and some leftover grits and other assorted 'treats' from the 'compost' bucket...

and about the time the food hits the ground, the chickens explode....

... I mean they literally explode into my face, squawking, flapping... they hit me with full force and I dropped the feed bucket that I was carrying. 

It is then that I realize that a very quiet German Shepherd has entered the pen behind me...

I almost had a heart attack... and though my girls had gone nuts.

There was no bad behavior... merely curiosity, so I didn't scold, but it was one of those 'have a heart attack moments' that you get sometimes.

I suspect the same is true for the chickens...  who went back to feeding as soon as the situation was corrected.  Dog outside, calm reigns in chicken land.

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