Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother'sssssss Day!

But not the pretty, quiet, happy Hallmark version...

No... not us...

We hugely prefer to be original in our approach.

Just a little before midnight last night, Stormy made a discovery about poisonous snakes.

She discovered you should not try to eat one.

After several hours of obvious pain, hysteria on the part of the paternal unit here, and admittedly, significant worry on the part of the maternal person, we have a tail wagging, swollen head, I survived eating a copperhead dog.

We didn't sleep very much last night.

After sleeping in and enjoying a late breakfast with our 'just home from college' boy, we settled into various pursuits about the farm.

During my (very late) run to the chicken pen, I discovered a little Mother's Day surprise...

right on time, we began this adventure every year, usually early in May...

It's called...

Snake relocation program... or "GET DOWN HERE and get this snake out of MY CHICKEN PEN!"

Prior to marrying my husband, when this happened on the farm, we dispatched the snake with no questions asked and no friendly hands-on relocation program.

Then, I married this fellow and he preferred to catch them and relocate them.
I am now convinced, especially if I don't have to do it by myself.

So that is what we do now....

We take them for a scenic drive about the country.  Often they are accomanpied by people in varying states of country dress, because it next to never happens at a convenient time when we are properly dressed for a Sunday afternoon drive.

The snakes never seem to mind.

We make sure that our snakes get a nice location to began their new lease on life, someplace other than my chicken pens.

This is Sis... You will notice that Sis is nice and trim... this means that we need to look for the kittens.

Happy Mother's Day, Sis!

Sis is the provider of barn kitties, which keep us rodent and snake free... obviously we need to step up the work on that front...

Truthfully, Sis has been trying to do the job alone, after coyotes and dogs took a toll on the barn kitty population.  I'm sure we'll be reporting on the new additions shortly.

I watched the boy working in the garden for a while this afternoon... I'm so glad he's home.

He helped his daddy put up the deer netting around the garden ...

...after a while, I wandered down there to see what it was that he was up to...

He was adding his own special touch.  You see, he's a fan of deer hunting AND gardening and especially cooking fresh wonderful things from the garden.  We'll see how these new additions help in the never ending job of trying to keep the deer at bay.

And last, but not least, Daisy came up missing this morning or late yesterday... she's so quiet and good you don't notice her, but we do miss our creatures if we come up short.  After a bit of searching and angst, she reappeared this afternoon, so we are no longer worried.

The boys are presently lighting the grill to grill some dry rubbed chicken and I'm looking forward to a late meal and things settling down.... we've had enough excitement for several days.

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