Monday, January 10, 2011


Morning came and Bailey was the first one out!
A veteran at snow and pretty much everything else that happens here, she was full of energy and excited to see the puppies.

Tank has turned out to be amazingly well trained to the crate at night.  He's so full of himself and excited to not be at the pound.  I'll have to post better photos of him later, as the camera batteries quit on me right in the middle of feeding up round this morning.

Stormy is shorter than the number of inches of snowfall... which looks to be about 8 inches in most places.
The snow continues to pelt down, rather hard, in fact, hard enough to hurt your eyes as you walk about.
I'll admit that walking around the backyard this morning with my eyes closed wasn't the smartest thing, as I stepped in a fed pan and took a tumble.

Daisy followed me to the chicken coop and amusedly enough discovered that one of the empty coops was blissfully free of the cold white stuff  and she's happily holed up in there.

And true to form, the well pump quit, totally unrelated to the weather adventure.  The well pump man braved the storm this morning and will return, if he is able to find a motor and if the road stays passable.  Until then, we're in full out camping mode.  In anticipation of the weather, we'd gathered up plenty of drinking water and water for cooking, and a bathtub full for the extra stuff.  Let's hope the water gets back up and running and the power stays on. The last time we had a snow of this magnitude, we had one little child and the power was out for 4 days!

I look forward to getting out with the camera and a fresh set of batteries when the snowfall lets up a bit.
What with all this little dog housetraining, I'll have ample opportunity to enjoy the weather up close and personally.

Here's to a big pot of soup, a loaf of homemade bread, a bit of challenging knitting and three good books by the chair.  If you don't hear from me again, know that we're better equipped than most.
The old house was built at a time when heat was had from the fireplace and the firewood racks are loaded and full.  Every person here is capable and prepared for emergencies and noone here is very spoiled.

Well, maybe Stormy, who will have to outgrow this business of lap sitting before she grows up, but for today, for this snowstorm, a little warm dog asleep in your lap is a nice, nice thing.

Ya'll stay warm and cozy!

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