Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Animal adjustments

I am trying to get a photo of this... I really am.

After nearly two weeks with the pups, the kitten has decided that they're not going away.

And she's decided that Stormy, who's inside when I'm inside, might... just might... make a suitable play date.

Yesterday, I witnessed this, and again, this morning...

She, Phoebe (also widely known as Damn Cat, hereafter on this blog she might be called DC, because even I have a hard time calling her Phoebe... I simply call her 'the cat'), was sitting at the dog food bowl.

Now, I do not have a clue as to why she wants to eat dog food and Stormy is extremely desirous of eating cat food, especially since it seems to cause digestive dilemnas on both fronts, but there she sat.

And just behind her, very quiet like, Stormy stood, tail wagging fiercely.
And in her mouth, Stormy's mouth, that is, was the cat's tail.

Now the cat has a very fluffy tail, and the tail is black, though the cat is white... and it's a twitchy, bewitchey sort of tail.  I can see how it might be something you'd want to play with.  Indeed, the boys are frequently seen attempting to attach themselves to the cat's tail, but that's another story, for another day.

Anyway, it took a solid three minutes before the cat became aware that her tail was attached to a small, but fast growing German Shepherd.  There was a pregnant moment where she (the cat) had a look of consternation, before...

... she went back to eating.

This morning, while I was still sleepy and having that first cup of coffee, sitting in 'my' chair... I realized that the cat, who was sitting on the coffee table, tail twitching was being stalked.  And sure enough, the fluffy tail was apprehended by the curious pup.  A single swat from the cat netted the tail it's freedom and some happy, yappy barking.

These two are PLAYING with each other.

There are happy hide and seek games under the table cloth in the dining room.  There is 'I don't fit behind the couch' sorts of yowling.  There are races up and down the stairs.

But most importantly, we now have some nice quiet lap time, with BOTH animals sitting quietly, side by side in the chair with me.  (Yes, at the risk of being quite repetative, I realize that she's a German Shepherd and that they are LARGE dogs!)  Last night, I was knitting when the cat joined Stormy and me, and while neither animal seemed to want to get involved with the knitting, it just seemed like too much going on in the chair at the same time.

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