Saturday, January 15, 2011

Country life moment.

So, mid afternoon, like so many other times in the last week, the puppy needed to go out.

And instead of going out the front door, I went out the back...

...because the sun was shining brightly and the deck steps were dry.

I had a cook book with me... the kind that are fundraisers for churches and such, so I sat down, there, in the sun.

Now earlier in the day I had turned the chickens out for a walkabout.
They've been penned in the bad weather, and I'll admit that I thought it would be sorta funny to watch them on the nice hard skating rink, that in the summer months doubles as our garden.

And it was funny... (not for them)... quite funny! Chickens are fun to watch on an average day, but throw in some hard, solid ice and it's a surefire giggle inducer.

I have been housebound for a week and so will take my giggles where I can get them.

Anyway, back to the sunshine and the steps and the pup.

She headed out to find a patch of grass, which we just now have resurfacing, when suddenly, she came barreling back to lodge her little pudgy self between my feet and knees... solidly in that place that all small puppies whose lives are being threatened stick fast to. 

I looked up... to see a HERD of chickens trotting as fast as their little ice skating show feet would carry them.
And they were making pretty good time.
I can see Stormy's point... they are her weight, and significantly taller and she's not seen them on the loose before.

So we sit there, soaking up the sun, reading the cookbook and hatching a plan for supper, when I realized that I had company.  Sitting on my shoulder was a chicken... for the life of me, she was just sitting there, for all the world like she'd joined the reading party.


Such a shame there was no camera.

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