Thursday, September 9, 2010

Splashdown! ugh!


I've been busy this morning... so busy, in fact, that I did not get out of my comfy hot pink pajama pants and cool pink tank top... No, indeedy, at 3 pm, I was still in the wild pink stripes.

Hey!  It happens... you know you wish you were sitting there, right now, in YOUR wild pink pajama pants!


I've gotten a lot done...
couple loads of towels,
a load of band uniforms after I'd sewn several yards of white braid in it's new location on said uniforms,
a load of dishes to the machine and more than a few large pans (baked 175 rolls yesterday for a church function) washed by hand,
sorted through one of the 'junk drawers', because I need to use the junk drawer for non-junk...
Actually, got on here and caught up on things that have been happening lately.
Then, I saw the 'compost bucket'.

To make this worthwhile I'll briefly explain the compost bucket.  In the kitchen we have a bucket that catches things... things like leftovers,coffee grounds, peelings,things that have been missing in the fridge for a week... that sort of thing.  This goes to the chicken coops mid to late afternoon for 'snacks'... sometimes, it's a great day... sometimes, the pickings are slim.  Today, there were lots of 'just too late' figs, veggies from cleaning out the veggie drawer in the fridge and some left over rolls.

AHA!  I think... the juvenile chicks will LOVE this... and off I go.

If you've read backwards, from today's musings, you'll discover the reason why I am marching about my barnyard,
in hot pink pajama's,
with a large fishing net 'at the ready'... I mean a large net~!

Picture, if you will, a large composting bucket under one arm full of yummy treats (yummy if you're a chicken, that is) and 'armed' to the nines with a big black net.  I get to the coop in question, and there's a lake...

a lake, I tell you!

The water hose has been left dripping (not accidental, this is a plumbing need of which we are aware but unable to get to at this moment).

So, there is a lake....lake,
woman in pink pj's,
compost bucket, large fishing net...
and large dog...

Nana wants the rolls (she wants more of the rolls, since she's already had her share!).

I step one flip-flop clad foot (oh, yes... I know...) into the mud/lake and I bet you can guess what happened next....  In a flurry of over-testosteroned rooster feathers,large defensive dog, small frightened chickens, muck, mud, dinner rolls,overripe figs and fishing net, I land... hard... on my behind.

As luck would have it, muddy lakes aren't very hard...
and for the life of me,
I don't know why, it struck me as quite funny...
shrieks of laughter alerted the large dog that we were now in play mode...

and there you have it.

I could not have looked more like the creature from the black lagoon if I had tried... nor smelled fruitier.

I arose, and with all the dignity that I could muster, I strode back to the house, where I stripped to the skin, popped the mud covered pajamas into the already running washer, and climbed into the shower.

Even the cat was disgusted... she kept peering over the top of the tub, ears laid back as if to say "what in the world happened to you?"

I've had enough for today... enough animals, enough domestic responsibility, enough...

I'm done!