Thursday, September 9, 2010


Two weeks ago, Maggie, who was aged and totally blind, enjoyed a rousing weekend with the Boy Scouts.
As happens sometimes, Scouting plans for a campout further afield  fell through, and the default plan was to come to Camp Weaver... where the scouts are most welcome.  We actually have an excellent 'place' for beginning campers, that is known and loved by the older scouts and leaders.  Anyway... as always happens when the scouts are on the place the Weaver complement of dogs makes a nuisance of themselves by joining the campout.

On Monday morning, following the campout, I could not find Maggie.
I could only imagine that she headed back to the woods, to the campsite, to find the boys.
I searched the entirety of several hundred acres by myself and in tandem with the kid, when he got home from band practice at 9 pm.  My worst fear was of her getting turned around while swimming in the river... not knowing which side of the riverbank contained home.
I searched on Tuesday, most of the day, knowing that if she heard me, she would answer
but growing more fearful that she was gone.
On Wednesday we found her... at home... under a favorite bush down by the if asleep...

Rest in peace, Maggie,,, rest in peace.

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  1. I'm so sorry....
    At least in her last days she got to play with the Scouts and take one last walk in the woods before returning home.