Friday, September 24, 2010

Signs of fall and other stuff...

So, what you see here is a candle... and a little breeze... and a window open onto the night air.
Sheers tucked behind the drape, to let in the ease of the evening.

As I sat and listened to the night noises last evening, I tried to remember the last time that every window in the house was open.

I can't remember.

It's been a long, long time.

I love the softness of the evening air... and the crickets calling to each other....

Truth be told, the reason that the windows are all open is a bad one... our A/C/heat pump unit is out... possibly out for good.  When I called the man of the house to report a total lack of air circulation and an indoor temperature of 88 degrees, he pointed out that the unit was 25 years old...

But the reminder that this house was built at a time when the air conditioning WAS to open the windows and hope for a cross ventilating breeze was, perhaps, timely.

We've become quite spoiled by convenience.

Don't get me wrong... convenience is a good thing and central air conditioning is a better thing.  I assure you, the repair/replacement folks will be welcomed with open arms, but to spend a day or two remembering the lazy late summer days of childhood, when this was the plan for getting cool is not a bad thing.

We're on what I hope will be the last wave of crushing heat.  Mid afternoon was rather awful, hot and muggy, stillness... no breeze at all.  To make matters worse (I guess), I laid down on the couch in front of a fan and fell asleep.  A nap hadn't been in the afternoon schedule.

All of this made me think of the signs of fall so far....

... red and orange tints on the dogwoods... the first trees in my yard to begin to turn.

...the late season apple tree, hanging heavy,  green apples tinted with shades of rose.

...warm, ginger laced applesauce... for breakfast on a lazy weekend morning. games, band competitions, open house at school.

...chickens moulting, two eggs a day, instead of a dozen, end of season herbs withering in the heat and sun.

...sweet potatoes, the first of the fall pumpkins and winter squash.

... needing to get the winter greens in and not finding time to get the ground ready.  Yes, we're really pushing it this year, but the extreme dryness and lack of any rain hasnt' helped.  It's also a frustrating reminder that I'm still restricted from certain activities, like running the tiller.  Sigh...

...the fact that I went to bed, reveling in the cool breeze from the window and awoke in the night finding it necessary to grab the sheet and the comforter...hmm.... felt so, so good!

... cinnamon raisin bread, toasted with butter, cup of coffee, sweet faces across the table.

Enjoy the turn of the seasons, friends... find those things that make you breathe deeper and take a little time to appreciate the moment.

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