Saturday, February 13, 2010


Yesterday, exactly like several days before during this winter, I got ready for a 'winter event'.

I fed and watered the animals extra well. I got up water, in the event of power outage.

I hit the grocery store, again.
While in line at the grocery, (a long, long line I might add), a conversation started up about what we'd all be cooking for the snow event.  When I said that I was going to make a sweet potato pie, the man in front of me, a big, soft, sweet southern boy, there buying himself some toilet paper and beer, turned around and said "That does it, I'm coming home with you! "  Honestly, he looked like the sort of guy that it would be really, really fun to feed sweet potato pie to, though I might have to make several pies to take care of that.

Anyway, when I come out of the grocery store, it was snowing... and not just a flake here or there, it was coming at you sideways.  In the fifteen minutes it took to drive home, the ground was covered.
The dogs were covered.

The crocus were covered... sigh...

The husband did not depart North Carolina in a timely enough manner to make it home in advance of the storm.  He came growling through the door quite late, ill amused at the entire situation.
He was pretty easily assuaged with soup and cornbread.

I'd love to say that I watched the opening of the Olympics, but alas, I fell asleep in my chair... early.
Sometime in the night, I relocated to the bed.
And this morning, quite early, I awoke to that unnatural lightness and to the silence.

What natural beauty!






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  1. Your part of the country is just beautiful and your pictures bring joy to many hearts.