Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy, happy!

So after much debate, helpful advice, pondering and trial and error, we're about to turn the corner on the feeding issues with Nick, I think.

Here, he's being curious about a bug on the step, but you can see the improvement in weight and muscle tone.

He's responding well to training, is amazingly willing to please... the kind of willingness that is borne of being abandoned and starved and finding a place to be, where food and willing affection is yours.

Early this morning, I went to sit on the porch and have my coffee.  It's a ritual that makes things as close to 'right in world' for me as I can imagine.  To sit in the old rockers, and order my day, in a sunbeam, with the birds about is a nice, nice start to any day.  Add a good cup of coffee, a companionable pet or two... nothing's finer.


This morning, I made a judgement error... Nana came up and put her big old head in my lap, and  I baby talked a bit... then Nick approached, and Bailey.  Nana instantly got INTO my lap (HELP!), then Nick got into the 'two seater' rocker, then Bailey climbed onto my feet and legs.  Someone ??? drank my coffee and when my legs began to ache from sheer volume of dog weight, I had to make them get down.
Affection is a good thing, even if it interferes with your coffee!

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