Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I am so sorry to have taken so long to share...  and prompted by numerous queries, I do so now.

His name is Nick.


By no means is his tenure here 100% certain.
But, he is a very different dog than arrived here.
He has learned to eat dog food.... lots and lots and lots of dog food.
He has been squashed into submission by Nana.
His moderate obedience gives me hope that we can work out the 'kinks'.
He does the very two things that I need a dog to do.
He barks when something is up.
He keeps people who do not know him in their car.

On the con side of things:  
Five dogs... thats a LOT of dogs.
His 'maleness' has upset the applecart here in 'female' dogland.
We have to go see what the vet says.

So far, so good...
and the man of the house likes his four white feet!


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  1. Dawn - Nick knew an Angel when he saw one!