Friday, February 12, 2010

Ever had a day?

Have you ever had a day where you just scratched your head and wondered?

Perhaps, I'm overthinking in the face of yet another 'winter event'...
       maybe I've had too much 'down time' lately...

but this morning, as I began to put my gears in motion, I've been perplexed.

Let's see...  In the transfer from the washer to the dryer (yes, it was left there overnight), I had 4 socks... 4 socks without mates.  There were several pairs of socks with their mates, but then, there were these four!  Uhm...
I'm embarrassed to say that one of them was mine.
Now, the husband connects his socks together with a safety pin,
which I can count on sticking me at least once while I do laundry.

But the teenager and myself obviously can't manage to keep our socks together.

Let me hasten to add that everyone here does laundry.  I've been a stickler for my kids dong their own laundry... but with only two of us home most days, it's counter-productive to wash a tiny load.

This whole sock thing wouldn't be so troublesome, if I had not gotten some great new socks at Christmas, and the lonely sock was one of those.

So, I backtrack and poke around, trying to find the other hiking sock.  Nope, not in the bathroom... nor in the living room under the chair... nor under the bed.

While looking for the sock, I realize that I need to run the dishwasher.
(Yes, that was left undone at the end of the evening as well!)
I unload the dishwasher, to discover several recycled containers that I use for leftovers... though I had 5 bottoms and 3 lids.... uhm.... huh?

So, I went to look in the porch (where I prep the animal food), as I had cleaned out the fridge and put the leftovers in a bucket for the chickens.
( Chickens LOVE leftovers!  Another story, for another day!)
Yep, there were two of the three errant lids.
On the way back to the kitchen, I found the sock...
I found the sock!
It was on the 'path' between bathroom and laundry area, an obvious case of too large an armload and failure to check the sock count BEFORE washing them.

Sometimes, I do get it all together... sometimes, I do not.

I call this process 'sidetracking'.  On a day that I'm home all day, I sidetrack a LOT.

Some of this is fueled by the fact that 'prep' for 'winter event' here means 'prepare to go without electrical power'  which also means 'there will be no water supply'. See, living in the country means you PREpare.
There will be noone to help you for 4 days if the power goes out.  You will be on your own, left to your own devices to keep warm, cook food and use creative toileting skills that you have learned as outdoorsy sorts.

So, I have to focus... another load of laundry, another load of dishes, run the vacuum, fill some gallon jugs with water, check the pantry for winter staples, possible make a big batch of soup or stew, bake some bread, check the flashlights and the candles and kerosene lamps.  Make certain the stock of animal food is sufficient and get water in place for the animals.

If I get all this done, invariably, I don't need it... but once every two or three years, we do have an event where we're 'down'... and then I'm glad we're ready.
A few years back (and over the combined years) I've learned that life is too short to really angst over the socks.
Or the laundry
or the dishes...

Last night, I made dinner to celebrate with a friend.

And after dinner, the shared conversation was more important than the dishes... or the laundry.

I'll trade a perplexed morning, for a few of hours of friends and family in candlelight.

Dishes can wait.

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  1. After years of frustrations with missing socks, the solution I found is to mate them, at least partially, as I take them off to go into the laundry. I put them in a "net bag" before they go into the washer so I don't have to fish them out of the machine to go into the dryer. It keeps the older machines like ours from "eating" the socks that are apt to take a ride through the machine's internal circulation as well!