Saturday, April 18, 2009

Same song, second verse....

So, every morning, I take the kid to school, and drive back through the park. I've done this for... well...19 years... and there are NO dull boring mornings... none. I LOVE where I live. I love the morning air, the way it feels and smells, and the softness of it in the earliest of spring.

Anyway,,, yesterday morning, I was driving back home and it struck me that the fog rolling off the river was doing so in the brightest of sunbeams.. which is a little different. The light was beautiful... and the air was crisp and really cold for April. It was just a little bit above freezing and I shivered while traipsing about the river bank.

So, I'm sharing what I saw with the notion that we can find beauty in every place and all around and that we should take a moment to 'collect it' in our minds. To drive on by and miss this would have been a waste... to start my day with three minutes spent soaking it in is one of those 'quality' moments.

The road hone...

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