Tuesday, April 21, 2009

First fruits!

Well, not fruits exactly... fresh lettuce, like nothing you'll ever taste from a store.
This is Park's Organic Mixed Salad Bowl. Tonight for dinner we had a homemade cheese pizza and a salad that was simply a bowl of this beautiful greenness and a small amount of dressing.

One of my first memories of growing anything was radishes. Spicy and with a bit of a bite, I love them simply washed and dipped in salt. These first radishes vary widely in size. The reason that I picked the smaller ones are that their green parts were already displaying the desire to 'bolt' or set seed, meaning it's time to eat the radish or simply leave it and let it go to seed.

There's nothing quite like picking dinner from the garden, especially that first time in the spring.
Both of these veggies can be grown by anyone, anywhere. Lettuce mixes and radishes are happy container plants if you don't have a 'back forty' to turn. Give it a try this spring and see how good they taste~!

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