Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kitties !

Spring isn't right on a farm, without that amazing moment when you find the kittens.

Farms need barn cats, for a lot of things, like rodent control, but most of all, they give the place a sort of 'je ne sais quois'. You need a cat, or four, for all the moments in life when you NEED someone to climb up in your lap and purr. (and frankly, sometimes you need a cat that will lick your sleeping husband's bald head, but that's the subject for another post)

So, Sunday morning, after a week of watching 'sis' approach near exploding scales of cat pregnancy, this is what I found...

And these are the babies at 24 hours. Fat, lazy, well developed, laid back little pussycats.

Side note... "Sis" was tossed out on a country road (yes, MY country road!). I saw her for TWO days before I could no longer drive by. When I stopped the car and opened the door and stepped out, she climbed right up my leg, screaming her little head off. I was convinced she was probably rabid. She naturally came right 'home'.

How she came to be named sis... uhm.... she's a little loud, and very persisitant, insistant and intense. She's bright and always on the go. She's effective at her 'job' here on the farm. About 10 minutes into her life here, as the boys stood and scratched their heads, one of them (who shall remain nameless) said "geez.... she's just like sis..." and the rest, as they say, is history.
With deepest apologies to my darling daughter, who's qualities far outweigh those of the 'sis cat' and whose presence in our life is without doubt central to our very life breath.\


  1. Oh, how I want to snuggle a kitten (or all 3)! I've met sis-cat, and I like her, so once I got over my initial "why did they name the possibly rabid cat after me?" confusion, I was not at all offended. I am still very much amused by it though. :-) ~e

  2. These babies are really, really calm, fat, sleepy babies... they might turn into crazy cats, but they sure are laid back little bits right now.

    Your brother smiles like crazy when he sees them and STILL calls them 'damn cats'.

    sigh... mom