Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Boy, does the time fly by!

Not sure exactly where January went. 

Went to school yesterday to discover that in one short month, the cabin fever crankies had set in on nearly everyone that I know and love.

I realize that might include me as well.

A few points to note:

Winter, where the average temperature is 75 is odd... very, very odd.  I LOVE 70 degree weather, normally. I am, however, finding out that I miss the cold clear weather, where the jack frost crunches underfoot in the early morning and you need to run a little to get back to the house when you went to get the mail without a jacket.  This has been a 'coat-free' winter.  I believe I've worn mine twice.

Writing this, I am sure, will bring on a blizzard of epic proportions, and possibly days of sub zero temperatures and the need to have a fire in the fireplace.

The 70's temperature range is too warm for traditional winter soups and stews most days.  I relish the cooler evenings when a pot of soup seems almost right. 

Oddities on the farm.  After their usual 'winter' hiatus, the chickens commenced laying in early January and presently, I have a broody little hen sitting on a dozen or so eggs.  She'll be off shortly, which is a weirdo time for biddies.  And it's rather a weirdo thing for me to let a hen have a 'go at it'.  Usually, I am the chicken mamma... me and the incubator, that is.  Don't know what I was thinking, except that she was so cute, sitting there all fluffed out and cranky as all get out.  I sort of 'got' what she was feeling that morning... and I didn't feel like arguing with her.

Have I said that I love keeping chickens?  Even when it makes no financial sense, with only a couple of people in the house.  I love keeping chickens.  Love their personalities and the rhythm that caring for them brings to life.

I've had a busy 'winter', really.  For a woman off work and looking for a job, that is.
New friends, with babies to share. An active knitting small group, with beginners, who are not actually beginners at all, to find new and exciting things to teach and learn.  A crazy year old puppy.
A spring garden to plan. Rethinking life when the kids are grown and busy with moving on.

I'll try to get back to a regular sharing.  I have more than a few photos and things to talk about.
It's just so hard to do, when it's pretty enough to sit on the porch and rock.

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