Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rocking chairs on the porch

So... yesterday, I got a phone call from a friend that I'd not heard from or seen in several years.
A friend with shared interest that I simply have not pursued keeping up with and that's a shame.

So, because it was in the high 70s and beautiful and because the dog was trying to distract me by chewing on toys (read this as pulling the fluff stuffing out and decorating the living room with it), I went out and sat on the porch.

Now my porch functions as a room in the house about 80% of the year.  It has some vintage 1940's wooden rockers and a table and chairs and a bookcase.  It has, in the winter months, a firewood stack and presently, I believe there are three bicycles out there.

My favorite place to sit is on the two seater rocker, with my feet propped up on a 'table' made of a peach crate.  The peach crate table should have a post all it's own.  For another day.

So, I put the phone on speaker, put it on the table, picked up the knitting and rocked away... blissfully ignorant of anything around me but catching up with the friend on the other end of the line.

And, in my absence of presence of mind, I must have rocked with a vengeance, because just as we were winding down the conversation... I rocked myself right off the porch.

Bloop... Chair, woman, knitting...all... right off into the bushes (and the ashes, as someone had emptied fireplace ashes there).

Tail over teakettle,,,

it happened before I could figure out what the noise was.

Luckily, nothing was broken or harmed very much, except for my pride.
I was laughing too hard, and trying to extricate myself from the chair/ashes/bushes/knitting to explain what had happened.  The pup thought that this must be a new game, so she entered the fray to provide a good amount of licking and frolicking.

The worse moment came later, when I described for my boy what had occurred.

He, every so lovingly responds, "I need to put a railing on that porch to keep this from happening to my poor old mama!"

Heaven help me!  I need a railing!
What is the world coming to?

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