Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Without getting too long and drawn out, I shall say that my blogging absence has been both for lack of time and lack of sometimes knowing what to say.  In the last month, I've struggled with a sudden health issue that was picked up on in routine bloodwork.  After a week fraught with tests and scans and worry, and being taken off several medications, I am settling back down. It's amazing what medications can do to you and I tend toward the side of having most, if not all, of the 'less common' side effects.

I am eternally grateful for the love and support of my friends when these things come up and I am blessed beyond measure to be feeling much, much better.

I am perplexed that is it hot enough here that on this 23 day of December we have turned on the air conditioner in the house. Sleeping at night with the windows open...  It's very hard to get in the mood to decorate or bake cookies while wearing a tank top and shorts. 

As we prepare to attend Christmas Eve Holy Communion services, I look forward to having my children all together for the blessing that comes from the sacrament.  There is nothing that touches my heart more than seeing them kneel at an altar. They bless the mother heart of me in ways that can not be put into words.

This is the time of year that I always thank God for the life that he's given me another year of, and for the blessing of family to love, and friends to hold dear and the deep and abiding faith that is mine.  Celebrating the birth of Christ gives me a renewed spirit to see me through the next year, no matter what challenges I may face and what new blessings abound. 

I wish you, my friends, a Holy holiday in every respect, a Merry Christmas, with family and friends and the sweetness of many blessings and a blessed life in the new year to come.

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