Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Looking into eyes

This morning I attended the funeral of a dear friend.  Someone I've known since childhood and in these past years, we've shared a church family. A fairly sudden serious illness, a sudden loss of one among us who will be missed. The hope of Easter fullfilled in our midst, so real that we can touch it.

Today was filled with all of those up and down emotions that come with these living life experiences.
Sadness for your loss and for the pain of his loved ones, laughter at memories so very true and sweet,
that ridiculous intermingling of all of those emotions where at one instant you don't know exactly how to describe the feeling... except that it is certainly one of those times in life that you are presently aware of the fact that you are, indeed, alive.

I became very, very aware, while standing in the cemetery, of the eyes that I looked into.

Brightest, clearest blue, crinkled with a smile.
Darkest, deepest brown filled with a tear that has yet to drop.
Green with gold flecks that radiate.
Blankness of expression or
Glint of depth of pain.

We are beautifully and wonderfully made.

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