Saturday, April 16, 2011

April is a busy month

This year April has been as busy a month as May is, traditionally, for us.

After April, I'm thinking we may have to eat some extra wheaties and vitamins....

However, before April could play her tricks on us, we encountered spring break.

Spring break meant a nice trip to the beach for a few very relaxing days.
Stormy, being inside with me and being my ever present shadow, went with us.
I really enjoyed seeing the beach through her eyes....

and I'll admit to walking about 20 times more than I normally do when we're there.

By the end of the first day, she knew where the other friendly dogs were located on the island and she wanted to walk in that direction.

There was that first encounter with salt water.

and mud flats...

and a speedy little ghost crab, that was snapped up...

then I tossed down the camera....

and for a precarious moment, the crab dangled from her tongue like an awkward piercing, before being safely and unceremoniously deposited back to shore.

No crabs, or dogs were harmed in this encounter.

Several creatures took naps in the sun...

I might have been one of them...

This little fellow, about 6 feet long, was taking in the first warm rays of spring so placidly... very much belying the aggressive feeding machine that he actually is.

Not a great shot, but the first time I've ever encountered while bald eagles nesting, prompting a sudden stop on the roadside and a leap from the car to photograph it.

As the month has worn on (we're just now to the middle of it!), I've taken several occasions to reflect on the days at the shore.  Days away from the rush of normal days are so very nice.  Having time to walk and reflect, and sometimes do nothing more than follow the pup on the long expanse of beach was quite therapeutic.
I resolve to do that more often.

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