Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oh, my...

Some days... some days.....

Stormy has learned to open the wooden door to the outside...

and she has a 'baby' (stuffed animal) that she takes to her bed and sings to...

... outrageous singing... so much so that people that I'm on the phone with giggle...

... they giggle a LOT... 'What is that noise?'... they say.

It's Stormy singing. (Yes... her eyes beautifully match the 'baby'... I tried... will try again later!)

Tank is near naked... as near naked as I have ever seen a living dog.

He looks like a misplaced sharpei  in a rottweiler body.  The wrinkles of more skin than pup are evident with no fur covering.
But his spirits remain high and frisky.
And I remain hopeful that the medication is working and that he'll survive.

Yesterday, I watched a very pesky rooster continuously go over and peck on the pup's sore, sore skin.
And the pup would yelp and snap, but get up an move away.
Now you and I both know how things work in the animal kingdom.
Sometimes, the sick and frail are picked upon.

After what I would say was a very acceptable number of times of ignoring the rooster and moving to another little place in the sunshine, Tank got up quietly and followed the retreating rooster.
About 6 feet away, he snagged the rooster and one quick snap latter, it was over.
No more pesky pecking from that rooster.
Survival of the fittest.

Now, I watched all this... from my rocker on the porch.  Stormy was sleeping nearby on the porch, firmly attached to a long leash (another story) so she missed out on the moment.

What was the lesson to teach?  Don't kill chickens?  When the chicken is actively aggravating you?
Frankly, a chicken or a rooster that were to do such a thing to me would be on the fast tract to the crock pot.
On record this morning, the rooster is still present evidence of the need to 'leave Tank alone".  I'll go bury him in a bit.
I will be vigilant to see that the dog doesn't take this up as a habit, but frankly, I'm glad that Tank defended himself... and I'm glad that I saw it.  Otherwise, I'd have been more worried about predation and my flock.

Frankly, there are roosters to spare.

And the young ones are getting .... peckish.

It's spring. This is one of the reasons that I keep a spare rooster or two until early summer... young roosters tend toward self destructive behavior, that rules out 'stupid' and rules out 'genes that we don't need to perpetuate.

One of life's lessons on the farm.

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