Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ditch witch II

I am going to change my official opinion of the ditch witch.

Unless it comes back and turns my garden to the 4 foot depth level, I'm officially out of love with this piece of heavy equipment.

Thanks to a cruel weather streak combining with plumbing hijinx and plumbing that exceeded 60 years in age, we have had to go round two with the ditch witch.

And last time, the ditch went across the drive and to the back of the house.
This time, it had to run to the 'side' house, which we use for various things.

This meant that it had to run through far more of the drive, and across the front yard of the house....

over a beautifully full bed of moss (not cultivated, but naturally occuring)

under the brick walk

through the ivy

and too close for comfort to a beautiful 70 plus year old dogwood that was planted by my grandfather, which was the first and best 'climbing tree' for the three children who grew up here last, and for countless others.

I am not amused.

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