Sunday, October 11, 2009

Simple things~!

It's October... and these past couple of weeks have brought rain and dampness...
and the leaves just beginning to turn, while beautiful, sort of herald a shortening of days and the whole 'harvest home' on the farm feeling... We've had a bumper crop of wild, strange mushrooms all over the place from the moisture and the alternating warm and cool temperatures.
As summer gives her final performances and the signs of fall approach, I find myself in between seasons and with a fluctuating state of mind.  I relish cooler weather and traditional fall meals, but I miss the vibrant greens of summer.  I love a fire in the fireplace, but really don't care for layering on the clothes.

Then one morning this week, in the faint natural light of early morning,
as I'm on my way to start the coffee, I realize that an orchid is blooming.
This is a small phalaenopsis that my daughter gave me a while back.
I think that this is the third or fourth blooming phase it's had.
I really enjoy the intensity of color and the exotic nature of orchids. 
They're really quite easy as houseplants if you have the right window and light.
The longevity of the blossoms make for many smiling mornings. 
Regardless of the season, the happy  blooms of the orchid bring a smile to my heart. 
What a nice start to the day...

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