Sunday, September 27, 2009


This morning, in a ceremony in our church, my second son received his Boy Scout Eagle Award.
Surrounded by his church family, his parents and members of his troop, he was challenged to
remember to uphold the honor and responsibility of the principles and values of Scouting.
He was reminded that he is to be an example for others and that he should always undertake his citizenship
to America with seriousness and dedication. He was reminded to be a leader and lift up every task that he does to God and to the service of his fellow human beings.  He was challenged to always be among those who dedicate their hearts and hands to the common good.
He was reminded that to Eagle is a beginning, not the end.

He was thus challenged by some very significant men in his life, who have taken the time to teach him and most importantly give him stellar examples of what an exceptional man is.

Part of the challenge was read by his brother, an Eagle before him, a loving sibling and an excellent example.

The other challenges were read by men who have dedicated time and talent , some of them, long after their own sons have completed Scouting's path, men of true honor and unselfish devotion who have spent time with my boy and shared themselves and who deeply care about him. For these who have held him to high standards, shown him the tasks  and helped him find his way there, I am truly, deeply grateful.

To his father, who during his time as Scoutmaster, packed along a little boy and who has steadfastly encouraged the skills and values that make an Eagle Scout, who taught  him how to fix anything with ingenuity and duct tape...
...who stood on the bridge that leads to manhood and extended his hand to his son... Job well done!

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