Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I do not know what possessed me... I truly do not!  Except that I found the costume in a clearance bin AND I happened to have a dog the right size and our local highschool's mascot is the Red Devil.

I have a friend who's dogs are amazingly, frighteningly photogenic.  And I LOVE to pretend that someday, Nana is going to appear different in photos than her usual self.  I realize, after today's experience, that this is false hope!

So, armed with the camera, the costume and a leash (cause you know I'm not gonna need it, but just in case...)
I head to the porch, which is wet and tumbled with leaves and a general wreck.
(Hey!  I'm still in the post band season cleaning phase!)
Naturally, the big dog thinks we're going to play.  You HAVE to love that expectant adoration in her face... she KNOWS that we're going to play!
Armed with the costume and the camera at the ready, I slip the cape on her... front side only....
the velcro on the back side got tangled up in her legs.
Then it got stuck to my pants, then we somehow got into a dog on top of human situation...

I kinda gave up on that...
I got the little hood, with devil horns and quickly put it on her, forcing her big funny ears through the slots... this is where she picked up on there being something seriously wrong...
dogs, especially country dogs, do not relish the wearing of costumes.
I fire off a shot or two... (with the camera, of course).
Then, oh.... no.... she's off... and running.
She picked up on the fact that I was about to employ the leash to bring compliance into the afternoon... NOoooooo..... noooooo... no!

She streaked across the yard, across the road and into the neighboring pasture.
ARgh.... must get the dog from the pasture.
It's raining... I have on ... er... um..... no bra...
(I know, too much information, but face it folks, I'm telling it like it is!).

I race off to the pasture (ok, so I trot a long... it could hardly be called a race...)
and about the time I get my posterior stuck halfway in the barbed wire fence, I hear it...
a car... a nice, pretty, sedate large black luxury sedan, full of folks who no doubt got off the interstate, looking for the state park.  
At this precise moment, the large, and scantily clad dog (oh, wait... it was me that was improperly clad!)
bolts from the pasture, soaking wet from the creek, and with the costume on upside down and backwards, gallops back across the road, into the yard.... leaving me standing, wet and mortified, in the road with the leash.

Waved at the tourists... (I mean, really, what else is there to do!?!)
I realize that I have just singlehandedly ruined the bucolic drive along the peaceful little quaint country road, all clad in autumn colors on the way to the waterfall... I might as well wave, huh? 
And now, they do not know when wild life of any hue and type might bolt into the road in front of the car...

I am grateful that I will not see these folks again... seriously.

And just to prove that I have NO cooperative dogs, here is Bailey, and as  you can see, she realizes what is about to happen... and then is not happy about the situation, but in her wise old age does not give chase... (and naturally, people... by this time, you can see I've figured out to use the leash!)


I am now done embarrassing my angelic, adorable, happy, wild dogs!
Not to mention myself!

Sigh.... Happy Halloween!

I'm off to bring in the dog... so that she doesn't sit on trick or treaters and lick them to death...


  1. hehehe...poor Bailey! She looks so dejected! (I had to giggle at it though.) ~e

  2. Love it!... thanks for the smiles and laughs.