Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving's Eve

It's the day before Thanksgiving and this means that we are so far behind on the cleaning that we've given up and moved on to cooking. 

Rather... I got up at 5:30, walked Stormy and started cooking.  Long before the sun came up.

And when I say we, we've all been  busy, but just now the man of the house is rearranging quail pens.

Yes, quail pens, which means that there are some things that I need to catch you up on.

Moving on... one might ask what I am doing sitting down this moment, but it's necessary... and things are in the oven, timers are set (even though the pitiful timer is being held to the fridge by a band-aid).

I am on schedule where my trusty notebook is concerned and even hatched up a second and third dessert that sounded good.  Am behind on getting out the dishes and washing them... and honestly am contemplating the drive to get some (shock and dismay) paper plates.  I am simply tired of loading the dishwasher.

Truthfully, I'm on the heels of having attended a conference, where there was much to see and do, and even more to contemplate... I look forward to next week, when I can settle down and do just that.

Getting home to be blasted into Thanksgiving mode is harder than I had imagined it would be.

And the house is much too quiet... with grown children, who are actually young adults, the day before Thanksgiving finds them all at work.  For this I am thankful.  As I chopped pecans and walnuts and diced sweet potatoes, I realized that they're all employed, which is no small feat during these economic times.  They are all healthy and reasonably happy... they have what they need and most importantly they have friends and they each have a beloved.  As a mother, this makes me very happy.

Tomorrow, or maybe late tonight, they'll start to come in.  The one who may not make it, will not be forgotten, as if we don't see her, we'll drive to her after the crush is over here.  I appreciate her dedication to her calling and remember trying to schedule the holiday madness when we were young and married and beginning careers.  It wasn't easy then and times have not changed.

As the day winds down, and I have far to go, it's time to get back up and organize and clean and cook some more.  I wish you many blessings and much to be thankful for in a life full of wonder and love.

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