Monday, December 27, 2010

A funny...

So, this evening, after a dinner of homemade chicken noodle soup, we all kind of settled in to our various pursuits.

This was when I discovered that my cable needle was missing.

Now for those of you who do not knit, a cable needle is an odd shaped little needle that is used for making those lovely 'twists'  or the intricacies in the Celtic knot type knitted patterns.  I'm presently working on a cap which dome is overtaken by an entwined Celtic knot.

Anyway,,,  the needle is missing.

This is something that's been happening for the last two days as I have knit.
"Where'd the orange needle go?"
" You mean the pink needle"  asks my husband.
"Orange, pink... whatever,,,  the little needle that's bent to look like a seagull.  Have you seen it?"

"I saw it earlier on the coffee maker, you must have put it down in there"

Ok, so I'm absent minded when it comes to the cable needle...

Anyway, he decided that the cat might have knocked it under the couch...

a likely assumption...

"Hand me that little flashlight"  he says.
With flashlight in hand, my substantially built husband goes sleuthing under the couch, until...

"Wait a minute!"  he says... "I'm hooked on something".


"You know, hooked on something, something's got the back of my overalls!"

And I looked and he was correct.  The back of his overalls were, indeed, snared by the knob on the drawer in the coffee table and he was stuck, rather immobile and unable to do anything about it.

tehehe... I recall why I so loved to put my toddlers in Osh Kosh overalls... such a convenient handle.

Ahh... a husband catching device.... wonderful idea!

After going to his aid, and after he determined that the only things under the couch were several items of the teenagers clothing and a flip flop, I recalled where the cable needle might be.

See, sometimes, when knitting, I place the cable needle safely in my bosom...

yeah... I found it!

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  1. I am so laughing out loud at this one!!! Love it! and you both!