Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas concert

Sorry, I can't help what comes next...

What's any Christmas celebration without a little drummer boy?

Actually, my little drummer boy is all grown up.

And that's a good thing.

Thursday evening, we were treated to a beautiful evening of festive music, songs and a choreographed flag/dance number by the combined music departments at our local highschool.

Words can't adequately express how much work goes on behind the scenes, against the odds of restrictive budget times, moving to a new facility,  scheduling dilemna's, busy teens and coordination to use facilities.
When it all comes together, what impresses is the calm composure of young musicians in front of an auditorium full of appreciative folks.  In a community where little is done to give fine arts to all children, these children have sought out their particular muse and persevered to stand before an audience in celebration.
In a new facility, for the first time, we were able to have a concert at 'home', instead of packing the entirety of the concert up and moving to a local college.  What a joy to be at 'home'!

Before a very responsive crowd, they played their hearts out.

What a beautiful, talented group!
What an amazing Christmas gift ~!

My undying gratitude goes to the two teachers of the music department, who's constant devotion to music education, to the students and their development against all odds continue to persevere.

Thank you for guidance of my boy, for attention to his needs, for structure in an unstructured world, for a happy place to exist in the world of being a teenager.  Thank you for music instruction, for a thoughtful ear and for pushing him when he needs it.  Bless you for holding high expectations for all of them, not just mine and for steadfast enthusiasm and positivity in what can be a crazy world.



  1. Beautiful picture of your drummer boy, that first photo. - Lil Cricket Farmer

  2. Thanks, lyn... I was kinda stunned when it came out that way... I didn't realize how black the background was... and it was just a random shot. And I love it, too. I tell you, kids, in particular in concert black and white clothing gives me chills!