Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Decisions... decisions... and why you should teach your kid to knit!

This morning dawned cool and crisp.

Fall is in the air, for sure.

As I dressed for a day here at home, I realized that my toes were cold for the first time in months.

I needed a sock to wear with the Birkenstocks, which are my staple foot gear for bumming around.

Ahhh... look... I have a choice of two beautiful handknit pairs of socks...

Actually, I have others too, but these two are my latest gifts from my darling girl.

So, do I wear the beautiful bright blue, guaranteed to lift the spirits with their little swirls?

Or do I shoot for the cozy browns that look like autumn and warmth itself?

Aren't I a lucky woman?

Yes, I am!

When my girl was small, I set about to teach her to knit... she was eight... the very age that I learned to knit.
And it seemed like it was going well, until quite suddenly one evening, the little lass came to the to top of the stairs and pitched a tangle of chopped up knitting, needles and all down the stairs.

Ok...  so, I just figured that it wasn't her 'thing'...

...then sometime later, years later, in fact, she came to knitting again, sitting close by me on the couch, plying her needles and thread into projects and garments and socks...seeming to gather from it the peace and serenity that it gives me most days.  Admittedly, she likes a more challenging project that I do... I tend to knit simple, plain socks and far fewer of them. She has impeccable taste in fibers and patterns and knits for herself and for others. A favorite 'girls day out' for us more often than not involves at least one knitting store and much related chatter.

You know, a lot of folks wouldn't give a pair of knitted socks to another knitter... but that is exactly who will appreciate it the most...someone who knows and understands the true nature of the gift and the time that went into it.

I am so glad that I shared knitting with my daughter.

It makes me happy...

...and it keeps me warm!

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  1. Your daughter truly does love you to give you those Pomatomus socks. That is a tricksy pattern. Kudos to your daughter for her generosity. My mom should *be* that lucky. LOL.