Thursday, October 21, 2010


For quite a while, I've been a band parent. 

For quite a while, it's been an awesome thing.

Had anyone told me, when this adventure began, the things that I would do, I'd not have believed it.

Some days, now, I don't believe it.

But I do it, all the same.

When asked  why I still drive a full sized van, when the last of the children is driving himself around these days, I have several answers.

1.  It's paid for... been paid for, for years.  The economy of it makes sense.

2.  uhm... see photographic evidence.

This week is the week before the UpperState Marching contest.

Tuesday, the band practiced in the stadium, which is at the old highschool.
The instruments and the children were at the new highschool.
The band daddies, their associated trailers and trucks and their awesome brawn were at work in the middle of the afternoon.

Some instruments simply don't fit on a school bus that is packed full of band children.

I am thankful for a larger than normal vehicle.
I am glad that I am available.
I am thankful that my son is having this experience.


As the days of marching band season 2010 wind to an end, I will go.

I will help where I can,

I'll sit and watch

and soak in these ordinary moments that make for extraordinary memories.

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