Saturday, March 13, 2010

Time for mending...

Mending is one of those things that I truly enjoy doing... but I next to never set aside time to do it.
Mending is a necessity of economy, at times and something that growing up having learned to do, I feel compelled to still do.  When I actually sit down to do it, I feel a lot of satisfaction in having gotten the job done. It's just the business of getting around to the task.

Sometimes, someone leaves you a note:

 ... sigh...  Actually, this note was some considerable time ago... the stack by the sewing machine had grown quite high.  So, today, the note writer pointed out that he was nearly out of jeans to wear... because they were ALL on my mending pile.

We conferred as to what type of patch we wanted... the brother had a black and white checked patch some time back that was deemed quite satisfactory.  So, I set to work.

and this....

and several more things.  Not all of them got black and white gingham patches.

These jeans are far, far from passing the school dress code regulations, but repaired this way, they make for good Saturday jeans, or jeans for fishing or simply hanging out in.
And they're always the kids 'favorite' jeans.... which is why they're so worn and soft that they rip and fray under stress.

I needed to get this taken care of, in advance of a flurry of sewing attire for the upcoming nuptials which are just a few short weeks away.  There is a gathering of parts... patterns and fabrics, boning and buttons, ribbons and tulle...  in sweet anticipation of a few fun afternoons of companionship while we fit and sew.

I enjoy sewing, pretty much no matter what the task.  I'm glad that my family views it as a good thing and something that we do, as a matter of course.

Now, to work on their note writing skills...


  1. Oh! I like to think I have perfectly acceptable note-writing skills! And I think the brother's note above somehow captures the situation with a bit of (impolite) wit.

    I also have some dress pants that the hem has ripped out of...I'll bring them home sometime during the upcoming dress-sewing afternoons.


  2. Oh, darling girl... some of my favorite notes that are being safely kept in a drawer are the ones in your handwriting... and yes, you have lovely writing skills, which delights me to no end.

    I'll be delighted to hem your pants, or provide you with the equipment to do so, as I make the wedding gown.