Thursday, March 18, 2010

Join me, please...

This morning I was up early... really,really early.
As I often do, I start my day in prayer and meditation (which I amusingly enough spelled medication, and today that is true, as I'm being treated for bronchitis).

Please keep my daughter, Elizabeth, in your hearts today and those of you who believe in the power of prayer, please join this mother's deepest prayers on her behalf.

Today is match day.  Today, after almost 20 years of education, this 24 year old woman will find out where she will spend her residency as she begins to practice pediatric medicine. Her family, including her fiancee will go with her today and stand alongside in this moment.  I pray that like other moments in her life and education, this one too will be God's will for her journey in life.  She is deeply faithful and has been steadfast on this path since she was a very young girl as part of God's plan for her.

Medical students at this point have interviewed and ranked programs and the programs have likewise ranked the students.  Today's decision is not within the student's control.  They will go where they are placed.
After all of the self control and delayed gratification that it takes to get to this point, this is a monumental act of faith.

I also pray for Clayton, who will be beside her on this journey.  For the dedication of being the spouse of a physician and for his love and devotion to my daughter, I am truly grateful. I pray that this choice today be the best for both of them as they begin their life together as a family.

I am grateful for the spiritual lessons and growth that I have learned from having her be my child.
By the grace of God, may this young physician guard and protect the health and well being of her patients,
may she heal and hold out hope
and may she always give God the glory for the gift of her talents
and be grateful for the strength of mind and body that has allowed her success.

I am grateful for the last 8 years, which by any reasonable human strengths, I might not have had.
For the hands that healed me and for the Grace that is with me every morning that I rise, I am blessed.

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