Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm fine!

I've been so busy, I'd forgotten to bring you up to date. 
I've survived the head cold, which was actually a wimpy little thing... just enough to aggravate with a vengeance and throw a kink in the process of getting the December things done.

Kicking the cold was assisted by the arrival of nice, healthy band fruit... fresh from Florida... the perfect breakfast or snack.

Yesterday was my last day of work for a while.  I have a built-in break, which has both good and bad components, but at this moment, frees me up to get caught up on the Christmas crush and slow things down and enjoy the season, and most importantly, my family.

Since Saturday, I've had 2/3rds the right number of kids in the house. 
The college kid migrated home and has taken up residence in his upstairs domain.
You forget how much you miss them... seeing their sleepy faces in the morning,
hearing them bump around in the night... trying to keep food in the house.
He's an amazing cook and has produced some excellent meals which is a huge treat for me!

We're churning out snack mix at a rapid pace.  A big double recipe batch each evening, is not lasting until the following afternoon.  The first two batches never even got cool... and they were GONE!

I'm cranking back up the sourdough starter.  Looking forward to bread and homemade soups.

I've a stack of sewing projects to attend, beginning with mending which has been gathering about the sewing machine like a multiplying mound.  Mending is a good thing and a source of satisfaction when it's done.
With growing kids and living on a farm, it's a necessity.  When you get used to doing it, not doing it simply doesn't make sense.

And I'm finally in the mood for some decorating.  I love simply fresh decorating.  It needs to get done!

And last but not least, I promised a young lady that I'd help her learn to crochet as part of her 'Senior Experience'.  This afternoon, I'll spend a couple of hours getting her started, so that she can make a project over the holidays.  This is my first look at a 'senior project'... just in time to see it in advance of the kid having his own Senior Experience next year.

So, this is 'coordination' day for the next 10 days or so...
  uhm.... I'd better get started!

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