Monday, December 7, 2009

December crush!

I must whine... I absolutely MUST whine...

I have a cold... a sore throat, stuffy nose, ear-achey kind of cold.

And I have this cold in DECEMBER!  

I have the day off and need to do laundry and clean.  I need to Christmas shop and bake.
I have projects in the sewing room and several household tasks that have been put off too long.
I don't feel like doing any of that stuff.  None of it!

And I have a calendar that looks like this:

And that calendar doesn't include the 'regular' stuff.. the practices, the normal day to day activities.
It contains appointments and exceptions.  You notice that Christmas week in December is empty...
I refuse, REFUSE to schedule that week.

I spent this morning rearranging things, to fit in more things and to try to arrange the itinerary in a manner that makes sense and order.  Prioritizing... a massive, massive task.  Especially when you're 'under the weather'.

I want to find the time for dinner with my oldest and dearest friends.
(Ok, David, so you're not THAT old... you know what I mean!)
I want to make the Christmas eve pajama's and I want to make them now... not on December 24th.
I want to borrow someone's babies and little kids and make and decorate Christmas cookies.  
I want to take fruit and a bit of Christmas greenery to the shut-ins from my church.
I want to have time to sit a while.

For the record...

my adorable brother in law brought me HIS meds from his cold, in an effort to make me feel less miserable.

My best buddy and pal called and listened to the whining.

And the band director offered to order the kid to come home and do dishes...

and SANTA left me chocolate candy on my chair this morning and a nice fire in the fireplace...
Thanks, Santa!

Folks are trying to help!  They really are and I appreciate it.

Next year, remind me ...  remind me what December is like...
Remind me that I will struggle with the schedule and the hassles,
in the effort to keep the holiday. AND I'll catch a cold in the middle of it all.

Man, I am whiney...

So, I'm going to have some tea...

and I'm going to take a nap, then I'll get up and try to tackle the day again.

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